Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rethinking the University after Bologna

On December 12-13 2008 the University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA) organizes a two-day international conference in Antwerp, Belgium:

Rethinking the university after Bologna:
new concepts and practices beyond tradition and the market

The conference will address several issues. First it wants to examine why we should look for alternatives at all. To do that, it identifies problems not only just in the entrepreneurial model, but also in the ‘old’ or traditional model it replaces. Second it then wants to look for new ways of organizing, practicing and conceptualizing university life. It will look for alternatives in different directions: new practices inside the university as well as practices outside the institution and practices at the borders, which may inspire university institutions.
In the framework of this conference, UCSIA holds a general call for papers/workshops. We accept paper/workshop proposals on the following topics:
· What are the possible dysfunctions of both the traditional models and the entrepreneurial alternative of universities?
· Why should we look for alternative models of higher education and research?
· What are the side effects of the entrepreneurial university?
· What are the consequences of commercialising higher education?
· Are there trade offs between accountability and academic freedom?
· What are the alternatives for non-institutionalised universities?
· What is the future for new open source movements, open access systems and open educational resources?
· How promising are new organisational alternatives for higher education and academic research?

Proposals should be submitted in English the latest by April 15th 2008 to sara . mels @ ua . ac . be 

More information (cfp, programme etc), see conference website:

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